10 Problems in Fleet Management and How To Solve Them (Part 2)

10 Problems in Fleet Management and How To Solve Them (PART 2)

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Driver Identification

FleetManager Web: monitor which driver is driving the vehicle in real-time when using iButton.

You are dealing with the reality (or the risk) of vehicle theft

Ultimately, vehicle tracking systems allow you to a simple question – “where are my vehicles?”

Whether it’s recovering a stolen a vehicle, or simply having a peace of mind that if this worst case scenario comes up you will know where your vehicle is, fleet tracking can put this major headache to bed.

With FleetManager system together with iButton avoid unauthorized use of your vehicles and easily monitor which driver is using the vehicle.

You can’t check on your vehicles in the event of a crisis

Ranging from a major accident on a main road to an unexpected extreme weather event, a crisis can put both your drivers and your vehicles in danger. Fleet tracking allows you to quickly know if you have any assets in an effected area, giving you both peace of mind and the ability to take action if necessary.

In the Events section in FleetManager Web dashboard monitor the location of your vehicles, engine status and dangerous actions such as speeding.


In the Events section in FleetManager Web you can monitor dangerous actions performed by the driver live or as a history. Also, you can easily track the location of where the offence was committed.

Driver Journal

Driver Journal reports can be printed and emailed for archiving purposes.

You spend too much time doing reports and paperwork

As a fleet manager you have a huge number of responsibilities. You need to make sure customers are happy, that your drivers are motivated and that your vehicles are good condition.

Unfortunately, we find that many fleet managers end up over-stretched and unable to tend to their duties. Why? They have to spend all their time doing paperwork

With our dashboard, stats collected are from your tracking systems and then delivered through reports and statistics that will massively reduce the amount of paperwork you have to do – meaning you can focus on managing your fleet.

While using Driver Journal in FleetManager fleet management system you can monitor when the driver started his job, finished the job and other important details.

Your Fleet Management running costs are too high

Fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance… the lists of costs your fleet can incur will go on and on. Your fleet is a business venture, and you want it to turn a profit. Even if you already turn a profit, increasing that margin can only be good for you, your business and your drivers.

That’s why it’s important to optimize. If better routing can reduce fuel costs or improved driver behaviour can reduce insurance costs, then investing in the technology to do this will result in an upturn in profits over time.

Save your money with Fuel Consumption feature in FleetManager Web. Monitor how much money you spend for each vehicle’s fuel expenses every month.


Driver Journal

Driver Journal in FleetManager Web. Using the Driver Journal together with iButton you can monitor your driver’s behavior such as the start date of his job, duration and end address together with a short description.

Vehicle General Expenses Report monitor expenses

In Vehicle General Expenses Report monitor expenses incurred for your vehicle maintenance during the specific period of time. In this way, you can observe how much money is being spent for vehicle maintenance every day, month or year.

Your customers are unhappy

You might see unhappy customers as a problem, but it’s more likely that is an indication of other issues.

If you’re suffering from one or more of the above issues, like late deliveries of aggressive driving, then the end result of that will be that your customers won’t be getting a good service.

That, in turn, means they will be unhappy with your company. Learn how to choose the best fleet management system to avoid all these problems.