Why 3G GPS tracking is better than 2G

Why 3G GPS Tracking Is Better Than 2G

Perhaps as many of you may already know, all 3 telcos in Singapore, M1, Singtel and Starhub, will shut down the 2G network in Singapore from April 1st, 2017.

This means that the mobile operators will stop providing 2G voice, messaging and data services. Faster, more advanced 3G and 4G services will be catered to satisfy consumers’ increased demand for mobile data and faster access speeds. You can read more about the closure of 2G here.

LogisFleet FleetManager

Probably you were wondering how this change will affect your Fleet Management systems that have been using 2G GPS tracking devices till now. As 2G network will no longer be available in Singapore from 1st of April, 2G GPS tracking devices will not be supported as well. Thus, here in LogisFleet to make this transition as easy as possible we are already providing our customers with the latest and most advanced 3G GPS devices made in Europe. Good news are that 3G network and devices have a big advantage over 2G technology.


Small 3G GPS/GLONASS real-time tracking terminal with backup battery. Manufactured in Europe.

3G network – faster, better

The speed of data transmission in a device using 2G network is less than 50,000 bits per second (reported by Engineers Garage). And the speed of 3G network is over 4 million bits per second. Thus, if your business is using  2G GPS tracking devices you are missing millions of data per second. With 3G technology you can receive data faster and track your fleets more accurately.

Why 3G GPS tracking device is better than 2G?

The most important difference between 2G and 3G GPS devices is the speed of signal. Having the fastest data can be helpful for improving your fleet management efficiency and making sure you can respond fast in critical situations. The speed of network may affect these features of FleetManager:

Vehicle Tracking

With a faster 3G network you can track your vehicles more accurately. It means that the GPS device will send data to the Cloud server more often, thus you can see more accurate vehicle location in your FleetManager Vehicle Tracking Web System and Fleet Management Mobile Application.


FleetManager Web: In your dashboard access information about vehicles such as GPS signal status, speed, driver’s name, speeding alerts and extra information such as vehicle’s temperature if it’s a cold truck.

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Faster Data Transfer

2G GPS tracking device takes long time to send alert data to system and if the network is unstable, the transfer get interrupts. But with 3G GPS tracker, the data transfer process is 80 times faster. This means, you can transfer data faster before the network is down.


3G technology offers a high level of security as compared to 2G technology because 3G networks permit validation measures when communicating with other devices.

Act, don’t react when it comes to the safety of your fleet

You can measure and your fleet management program


The downloading and uploading speeds available in 2G technologies are up to 236 Kbps. While in 3G technology the downloading and uploading speeds are up to 21 Mbps and 5.7 Mbps respectively.