How to choose the best Fleet Management System for your Logistics company (PART 1)

How to choose the best Fleet Management System for your Logistics company (PART 1)

One of the important things for every company is the ability to track the location of its vehicles and staff at all times. It helps business to minimize its costs and to optimize different operations. Also, Fleet Management systems can be extremely useful for businesses specializing in Supply Chain Management (SCM) like logistics, construction, transportation and others. Moreover, the process of choosing the right system for different companies is crucial too. So, how to sort through all the options available and select the best Fleet Management system for your company? In the article, you can find few points which will help you while choosing the most suitable option for your company.

Customized Solution for your Industry Type

Vehijcle Maintenance

Customized Solution for your Industry Type

Start by searching for a Fleet Management Solutions provider that would offer the best system for the specific industry your company is at. For example, requirements of the logistics company is completely different than those of transportation one. Logistics businesses focus more on cost reduction and maximizing fleet utilization. Thus, logistics company should be looking for more advanced solution that would help them to tackle issues such as rising fuel costs and the lack of visibility of fleet operations.

Allowing an engine to idle more than 3 minutes harms efficiency, shortens engine life and increases maintenance costs.

Event Rules feature in Fleet Manager allows you to create different events such speeding, engine idling, geofence alert, engine-on.

Vehijcle Maintenance

Maintenance feature in FleetManager Web allows you to set a schedule for your vehicle maintenance and in this way to minimize the costs.

Dispatch jobs

Job Dispatch function allows you to create and dispatch jobs to the drivers. Driver will be alerted about the new job while getting a notification in his FleetManager Mobile app.

GPS tracking walkie talkie

Push-To-Talk (Walkie-Talkie) feature in FleetManager Mobile allows you to send real-time voice messages to the driver.

Fleet Management Solution

FleetManager Web and Mobile solution helps companies to gain actionable insights into their vehicle operation and fuel consumption. It offers a real-time vehicle monitoring, job dispatch, automated reporting, walkie-talkie features that will help your logistics company to improve fleet productivity. As we have years of experience in the telematics industry developing innovative solutions and handling a variety of clients from diverse business domains you can be ensured that we will offer the best option for your business requirements.

One Stop Shop for Easy Access and Usage

Convenience and ease of the access of the system is extremely important while choosing any industry-specific solution. Fleet Management systems are not an exception as well. User-friendly and easy to handle solutions are something every company wants to get. Fleet managers and operators should be able to monitor various parameters that could help the company to minimize the costs and increase the efficiency. The best option is to have a comprehensive-web based solution which will allow to manage and integrate data easily from multiple systems and offices based in different locations. Also, the alternative fleet management solution should not entail infrastructure expenses to install and deploy the system. The fleet management solution should be able to work with existing system


User Interface – fully customizable FleetManager Web user interface. Drag and drop different menus to create your own unique user panel.


Adjust the view of your FleetManager Web in a way that is convenient for you.

With FleetManager you can track your vehicles not only on your computer and mobile phone, but also on tablet. Read the second part of the article here.