How To Prevent Hazardous Driver Behaviour With Fleet Management System

How To Prevent Hazardous Driver Behaviour With Fleet Management System

Most of the businesses that own a fleet of vehicles are facing the problem of bad driver behavior. As companies entrust their vehicles to drivers they expect that their property will be well taken care of. However, in majority of cases drivers feel less responsible for the vehicles that don’t belong to them, thus they cause more traffic accidents and hazardous actions. As a result, company suffers from extra costs and disruptions in operations.

Fleet management systems invade privacy of employees
Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

On the other hand, driving is a complex activity that requires multi-level skilled behaviour. Yet much of our driving behaviour is automatic, developed from experiences and requiring minimal allocations of attention.  Behaviour can change as a result of learning, provided we take up new strategies and practice them until they become new schema. A good example is the Look Up – Stay Back which needs to be an automatic feature of our low risk driving based on an understanding of speed, distance and stopping capability.

You can also monitor individual vehicle performance while using Driver Behaviour Chart. In the chart below you can see that each column represents different driver  behaviour during that month. Different colours indicates different hazardous actions.

FleetManager Eco Driving Report

Harsh driving reporting represented in charts indicating driver’s driving pattern

Trip detailed reports on events and speed and time

FleetManager Trip reports

Eco Detailed Report

Harsh driving report with metrics broken down into turning, acceleration, braking and speeding by individual driver

With FleetManager Web system you can monitor driver behavior while generating Driver Behaviour Reports. In the chart above you can see the data provided about 7 different vehicles – what dangerous actions they have performed for one month period. Speeding, harsh braking, harsh accelerating and harsh turning are all recorded by the fleet management system. This data can a perfect tool for measuring KPIs of the drivers. Early detection of dangerous driving habit is crucial.