How To Evaluate GPS Tracking Solutions For Fleet Management (Part 1)

How To Evaluate GPS Solutions For Fleet Management (Part 1)

The newest fleet management technology lets you manage your business anytime, anywhere. Using cloud server users can access the system from web desktop, tablet or mobile device.  You have your hands on all the information you need to make better decisions, reduce costs, and protect the value of your assets. In this article, you can find a few things worth considering while choosing a GPS tracking solution. Two major components of a GPS solution that you should evaluate:



GPS receiver, Cameras, Sensor, Temperature Control, Security devices and Immobilizer.

LogisFleet Software


Navigation software, integrated map data, instant alerts and reports.

GPS Tracking Receivers

There are many GPS receiver options available in the market.  From most proven and reliable ones to some average product offerings.  The latest move made by Singapore IDA is to close down the 2G technology in Singapore and allow only 3G for all communication devices. Almost all the GPS receivers available in the market are 12-channel parallel receivers. In theory, you only need the minimum of 4 satellites to have a 3D dynamic tracking. Having 12 channels in your GPS receivers provides a faster and more accurate positioning mapping. Learn about the difference between 2G and 3G tracking devices.


Small 3G GPS/GLONASS real-time tracking terminal with a backup battery. Manufactured in Europe.

GPS Tracking Software

Today, GPS software provides not only basic map navigation. Most advanced GPS tracking companies are investing in Research and Development to enhance the off-the-shelf GPS software to very complex customizable solutions.  This can be further integrated into customer’s existing legacy systems like Inventory, Order Entry, Payroll, HR system or full ERP systems.  Customers are able to boost their productivity and experience a higher utilization of resources, savings of costs.

Features such as Route Optimization (Shorter Distance from Point to Point), Instant Job Assignment, Push to Talk, ability to set Multiple Alerts and Zoning helps the company to increase efficiency and decrease extra costs.  Another big advantage is a paperless work environment.

FleetManager-Blog-Map Overview

Vehicle Map Overview allows the user to view the entire fleet’s location on a single map.
(FleetManager Mobile)


Many PDA GPS vendors license map data and POI (points of interest) databases from big map makers like Google Maps. They store basic info such as streets and buildings names, aerial photos, and satellite images.

Some GPS tracking service providers go an extra mile by offering a route optimization function. Using this feature fleet manager can indicate multiple locations where an individual driver needs to either deliver or collect goods. With some kind of “AI” (Artificial Intelligent) function, the software will generate a recommended route for the driver. In addition, it will show data about traffic conditions, Toll Charges, ERP Charges info for drivers that are on the road. Consequently, avoiding wastage of time and fuel makes a better day for the driver and company.

Read more about the criteria using which you can evaluate GPS Tracking Solutions for your Fleet Management system in the second part of the article that you can find here.