How To Evaluate GPS Tracking Solutions For Fleet Management (Part 2)

How To Evaluate GPS Solutions For Fleet Management (Part 2)

In this part of the article, you can find more criteria that can help you successfully evaluate your GPS tracking system. You can find the first part of the article here.

GPS Tracking System User Interface

A clear, user-friendly interface of Fleet Management web software and mobile app provides you with all the basic information and lets you drill down when necessary to investigate further. You can locate your fleet of vehicles on a map showing their exact location. You may even zoom and track an individual vehicle or machinery equipment. LogisFleet’s Fleetmanager Web and Mobile is well-known for its user-friendly interface and variety of useful features.

FleetManager Web user-friendly interface


Maintenance feature in FleetManager Web.

This function allows company to see current vehicle maintenance status and create notifications when vehicles are due for service.


FleetManager Mobile Interface


FleetManager Mobile: Geofence feature on mobile app.

Vehicle Maintenance

With this function, you can set multiple alerts that inform the operations officer about vehicle or equipment maintenance, inspection, road tax and insurance renewal. In this way you can avoid unnecessary down time and expensive repair. Also, it gives you valuable operational data about your assets and resources. In FleetManager Web you can your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

GPS tracking maintenance

Real-time Alerts and Zoning

Make sure your solution notifies you when vehicles exceed a pre-set threshold. It can be the threshold of cold truck’s temperature, speeding or dangerous driving behavior like unnecessary hard breaking, dangerous cornering. Also, if the vehicle is left stationary in the territory where it is forbidden to leave the car with engine on. This feature is important for car rental companies that can avoid their cars being stolen or used for illegal purposes. All these alerts can be set in FleetManager Web and Mobile GPS tracking solution.


FleetManager Web: flexible business alerts that inform about event of speeding, low battery voltage and Geofence/POI.

GPS Tracking System Reporting capabilities

Lastly, every company gets the same data from a GPS tracking device. What makes the difference is how GPS tracking solution analyze that data and present it to you or operations manager. Most companies have the same basic reports, but it is the advanced reporting that separates the ‘good’ vendors from the ‘great’ vendors. It is good practice to know all of the data you need or how long your data will be kept for performance review and auditing purposes by GPS vendor. COOLASIA’s FleetManager stores 18 months of vehicle’s tracking data.


FleetManager Mobile: with our Track History feature it is possible to download up to 18 months’ worth of your fleet history.

FleetManager Web: Track Replay allows the user to replay track data based on selected date and time.

Messaging tools

Your operations officer can exchange voice or text messages directly with all drivers or individual driver. Dynamic instructions can be given to the driver and this ensures better communication during assignments. With advanced communication tools, each driver can complete up to 30% more calls per day. As a result customer service provided will be of a higher quality and customer satisfaction level higher. In our FleetManager Web you can find Telegram messaging tool, while Mobile app has a Walkie-Talkie feature called Push-to-Talk.

Telegram messaging tool in FleetManager Web.

GPS tracking messenger

Push-To-Talk feature in FleetManager mobile app.

GPS tracking walkie talkie


If you only require to track where your vehicles are on a map, the cheapest GPS tracking solution is probably your best option. But if you are looking for in-depth analysis of your fleet operations and a high return on your investment, you need to look for a company that is able to provide different functions, customization option, in-house software support, professional installation and in-drive workshop.

FleetManager Mobile and Web GPS tracking solution is one of the options your company may want to consider as we offer an excellent system packed with more than 70 powerful features and 30 different reporting templates. It is suitable for diverse companies in logistics, construction, transportation, F&B, distribution, waste industries and more.