How FleetManager Helps You In Fleet Management?

Your fleet is the precious property of your company. It is crucial to entrust someone who is accountable to protect your precious property and keep troublesome away from you. With FleetManager, we keep your specific needs in mind and provide efficient and effective solutions to solve your fleet problem. Our user-friendly fleet management solution can simplify your fleet management processes and manage workforce effectively.

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4 key features of FleetManager in Fleet Management

FleetManager offers real-time fleet monitoring, advanced business alerts, reporting, navigation and route optimization to improve fleet operations. FleetManager can readily scale up to provide specific industry solutions for the logistics, construction, transportation, F&B, and waste management sectors.

Real-time Location monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

FleetManager helps company administrator monitor their vehicles, giving them the capability to view their fleets’ real-time locations 24/7, playback their vehicles’ route history to avoid car theft.

The fleet management professional is slowly dying out with outsourcing filling their spaces

Job Dispatch

Customers are able to see the vehicles that are the nearest, in order to assign immediate jobs. You can simply select the preferred vehicle and then automatically send it to the job destination.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger

FleetManager integrates the Telegram Messenger service that allows sending singular or group messages to quickly share job status updates, job locations, and navigation instructions securely. It is also possible to share photos and voice messages.



FleetManager provided service of easily manage the maintenance schedule for all of your fleet. You can see which of your fleet is reaching the maintenance schedule soon to help you simply arrange for the vehicle maintenance services.

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