7 Habit of Highly Effective Fleet Managers (Part 2)

7 Habits of Highly Effective Fleet Managers (Part 2)

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Measure everything that matters in fleet management

5. Measure everything that matters

Metrics are important—they can help monitor progress, but they can also become a bunch of numbers if they aren’t measuring anything useful. In order to be on top of your fleet operations, you need to make sure you’re measuring well. After all, how can you improve upon something when you don’t know the starting point? A few metrics that give solid insight into vehicle performance and fleet performance overall include cost per mile, total cost trend and operating cost summary.

In other words, monitor and measure specific data that directly impacts your fleet.

6. Document everything digitally

Ditch your file folders. In the world of cheap online storage, there are no excuses for not knowing where your fleet information is stored. Invoices, work orders, receipts, photos, employee records, product manuals and more can be kept in one central digital location and accessed from any internet-connected device.

It’s time to join the modern era of fleet management. Move your fleet documents to the Cloud and find your fleet information instantly.

Document everything digitally

Upfitting Trends of Fleet Management

7. Constantly educate yourself about industry advances and consider adoption

The fleet industry is constantly changing—it’s important to keep up! Join an industry association, read trade publications and blogs (like this one) and keep up with what is happening in vehicle technology.

As you read up on new technology, don’t be afraid to adopt it. Users of fleet management systems can make a big difference in their operations with the implementation of new technology and best practices. Alternative fuels, once seen as a long shot, may actually be within reach and cost-effective for your fleet. The same goes for vehicle technology where if you have accurate data for your vehicles, you can make educated decisions about payback on investments.

In this age of technology and information, everything you need to be a fleet management expert is right at your fingertips.