How to Improve Your Daily Truck Fleet Operations

Managing a trucking fleet is more challenging today than ever before. On the other hand, with new fleet management opportunities, trucking companies can take advantage of these trends, access powerful tools and maximize their efficiency.


Does Full-Service Equal Customer Service?

Many older trucking fleets like full-service leasing because it allows them to really focus on their customers. Unfortunately, in doing so many fleets end up wastefully paying for services they rarely or never used. A good example is truck-washing services. Under a full-service lease plan, truck washes are usually included in the overall package — regardless of how many trucks were actually washed in any given period of time.

Technician Shortage in Fleet Management

Proper tire inflation improves fuel mileage

Improving Day-to-Day Fleet Operations

Using highly trained fleet professionals, an unbundled fleet management provider can make use of in-field analysis to give fleets high-impact recommendations for improving day-to-day operations. This process starts with the most fundamental aspect of fleet management: analyzing different types of assets, understanding how the truck will be used and the specifications needed for the application. This ensures fleets start with arguably the most crucial component for their business: The right truck for the job. Once that’s been decided, analysts can comb through your fleet to find operational trends. These are added to the truck usage information. They play a key part in the development of a long-term strategy to optimize your fleet, so you can do business even more effectively and efficiently.

Maximize Maintenance Efforts and Lifecycles

The next logical piece of the management puzzle is taking more control of overall fleet maintenance and maximizing lifecycles. This process helps fleets ensure the lowest total cost of ownership, by doing everything possible to keep vehicles on the road and earning money. With the right maintenance program you can do that by cutting the expenses that come with breakdowns. This can include much harder-to-pinpoint problems, such as avoiding overpaying for parts or spending on unnecessary preventive maintenance. Then, at the end of that vehicle’s useful life, an unbundled provider can help remarket trucks to remove guesswork from valuing and pricing used assets. With multichannel, resell and remarketing approaches, an unbundled provider can maximize payment once a deal is made

Maximize Maintenance Efforts and Life cycles