How to Improve Business Efficiency With Fleet Management System (Part 2)

How to Improve Business Efficiency With Fleet Management System (Part 2)

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Improve Fleet Safety

The ability to monitor a driver out on the road offers many opportunities to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Fleet management software is the best way to monitor your drivers’ over-the-road behavior and be more proactive about drivers’ on-the-job performance.

The right FMS program can monitor and notify you in instances of:

  • Speeding
  • Hard braking
  • High RPMs

Now, more than ever, fleet managers must be concerned about safety and liability. A quality FMS program is like an early-warning system for bad company drivers, which means you can stop situations before they escalate.

Act, don’t react when it comes to the safety of your fleet


ECO Driver Report in FleetManager Web. Monitor dangerous events such as harsh braking, acceleration, sudden turning and over speeding performed by your driver. Also, filter the reports according to the date.


In ECO Driver Report you can access the data about dangerous events performed by all your vehicles.

Speeding report

In addition to ECO Report, you can access monthly Speeding report per Driver. Using this report you can find out about all speeding offenses committed by the driver on the specific date, time and address. Also, you can check the duration of the offense.

Green Fleet Initiatives

Make Your Fleet Green

All fleets need to shift to more green solutions, not only for compliance but to support a healthy environment. With an FMS you can realize savings that support your decision to go green.

Many fleet management systems offer diagnostic protocols to track and control – and therefore reduce – the amount of air pollution produced by vehicle operation. By studying your vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions, you can make adjustments that are both good for the environment and your company’s overall profitability:

  • Use less fuel
  • Reduce engine idling times
  • Improve trip planning to consolidate small, occasional trips

Fleet Management Software is for You!

There are many reasons to consider an FMS to manage your fleet, like saving time and money and keeping an eye on drivers. FMS do require a small investment in capital and time to implement, like most new workforce technology, but if this system works for you, these costs will outweigh the benefits.

Fleet management systems invade privacy of employees