4 Ways to Reduce Risk With Fleet Management Software for Logistics company (PART 2)

4 Ways to Reduce Risk With Fleet Management Software for Logistics company (PART 2)

This is a second part of the article “5 Ways to Reduce Risk With Fleet Management Software for Logistics company”. You can find the first part of the article here.

risk of vehicle theft

Protect Your Vehicles From Theft

Nowadays no one can be completely assured about the safety of their valuable assets such as heavy equipment or vehicles. It is quite a big issue for businesses where the employees feel less responsible for the ownership of company’s assets. As a result, in order to make sure that vehicles are fully protected from potential threats such as thefts companies are using Fleet Management systems. Fleet Management software allows companies to check the location of the stolen vehicle as well as track the offender. In addition, devices such as iButton and immobilizer provide an extra security layer for the vehicle as its movement can be blocked remotely.

ibutton reader and tag

iButton for Driver Identification Purpose

The iButton device is a computer chip enclosed in a thick stainless steel can. Because of this unique and durable container up-to-date information can travel with a person or object anywhere they go. Therefore, in Fleet Management iButton is normally used to identify the driver. Each driver gets one iButton and in this way the company can identify which driver is using particular vehicle at that moment. Also, iButton is linked with Fleet Management software. Therefore, when the unauthorized driver is driving the vehicle, the fleet operator receives the alert. Also, the person cannot start the vehicle if he does not have the device. In this way, the vehicle is protected from unauthorized use and as well as theft.

Driver Identification

FleetManager Web monitors which driver is driving the vehicle in real-time when using iButton.  

Driver Journal

Driver Journal in FleetManager Web. Using the Driver Journal together with iButton you can monitor your driver’s behavior such as the start date of his job, duration and end address together with a short description.

Vehicle immobilizer

Immobilizer against potential vehicle theft

An immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to the vehicle that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key is present. While using immobilizer together with Fleet Management software the company can remotely cut off the engine of the stolen vehicle. As a result, the stolen property can be easily recovered as GPS system provides the exact location of the vehicle.  For the optimal security solution link your immobilizer device with iButton and enjoy the highest level of vehicle security. With FleetManager system protect your vehicles from unauthorized use together with iButton and Immobilizer devices.

Activation of Immobilizer on FleetManager Mobile. Authorized Users can cut-off the Starter as well as the Engine remotely using the mobile app.

A well-maintained vehicle performs better

Schedule Maintenance and Set Reminders

No other business area requires more planning and scheduling of people and assets than fleet management. Moreover, if the fleet isn’t properly managed, it can be costly. Studies show that downtime for a single vehicles can cost more than $760 per day. And if the fleet isn’t in motion, business productivity is hindered. Proper planning and scheduling of maintenance eliminates the risk of breakdown, which can directly affect driver safety, and ensures fleets have vehicles and equipment ready when needed.

Fleets management isn’t just about maintaining assets, though. Employees touching the fleet, especially driver-operators, must be properly managed as well. This means keeping employees compliant, as well as managing drug tests, license and tag renewals, and required trainings to avoid penalties.

Vehicle Maintenance Status
Fleet Management Solution ideas

Fleet Management Solution

When using fleet management software, fleet managers can also put maintenance and renewal schedules on autopilot. As a result, by creating maintenance workflows for each vehicle and setting reminders for service tasks and renewals, fleets can ensure important tasks are completed on time. To provide a seamless process, the appropriate people within the organization can receive reminders via email or also the mobile app.

Vehicle General Expenses Report monitor expenses
Email Alert of Vehicle Maintenance Schedule